Faith in Family UK (FiF UK)’s objective is to provide a professional service that respects each client’s right to confidentiality and gives due regard for each query no matter of what nature it might be.

What does Confidentiality mean?

Each client contacting us or speaking with an advisor can feel safe relating details of their personal matters knowing that we will keep them safe and secure and not share with anyone else.

This code of practice is very important for us in order to make sure that clients are comfortable seeking advice for sensitive matters.

Is FiF UK Confidential?

All communication by clients via emails or phone calls will be confidential. Only the individual/s dealing with a query will have information from the client about their details.

This will ensure clients feel absolutely safe contacting our service.

In specific cases, if we are worried about your safety or the safety of others, we will talk to you about whether other people need to know.

According to Islamic principles and the law in the UK, FiF UK will only take action in extreme circumstances to contact others on behalf of a client such as in the case of life-threatening situations.

We may want to tell someone else what is happening if:

• We think your life or someone else’s life is in danger

• You’ve told us that someone is hurting you, who might be hurting other people too

• You have told us that you have been hurting another person, which makes us worried about his or her safety.